Grow recurring delivery revenue with GetSwift, a delivery management software for real-time route optimization and tracking in a smart, simple interface.

Delivery Route Optimization

Create the fastest routes with real-time information on road conditions to ensure efficient and responsive routing.

Customer Communication

Keep customers informed on order status from beginning to end with our status updates and tracking map.

Gain Visibility

Gain transparency from delivery drivers with our easy-to-use driver app, which ensures timeliness, security, and fraud protection.

Trusted by companies in more than 60 countries

GetSwift Features

Our driver-approved app ensures timely, transparent dispatching to cut costs and report real-time route changes. Start seeing better delivery revenue today with over 45 integrations, built-in customer amenities and a lengthy free-trial period.

Automated Dispatching

The GetSwift proprietary batching algorithm can automatically assign a driver based on: Distance, Smart Batch, Availability, Current Load Capacity, Direction, Best Performing Driver and more!

Live Management Dashboard

This is a list view management dashboard to notify drivers, re-assign deliveries, or even check on a delivery status. This page operates is very effective if you prefer to use a ticket based system to get tasks out the door.

Live Service Feedback

Always know your driver's customer service and performance levels. Monitor customer feedback in real-time to be able to turn around a bad experience before it hits social media and Google. Happy customers return and buy again and again!

Smart Routing

The GetSwift proprietary routing algorithm automatically optimizes your driver's routes to save your business time, fuel and money, all while increasing the delivery count per driver per day!

Real-time Tracking

Provide a superior customer experience over your competitors. Live tracking and real-time status alert updates will instantly build deeper trust and satisfaction with your customers. They will return to purchase more and purchase more often!

iOS and Android Driver Apps

Every driver in your fleet will be able to log into our simple and effective iOS or Android driver app for them to use and manage their deliveries, giving you visibility, accountability and efficiency.

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